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This page was started for me back in early 1997 by my loooong time gooood friend, Bruce Helmboldt.
He is dragging me kicking & screaming into the 21st century. Check out his pages at Tripod.
Or go to Bru's Pages in Geocities. [ This one is much bigger ]

A friend of mine { Tom Devine } recently had a Bone Marrow Transplant.
Since he had so much time on his hands, he decided to put together a Web Site of his own. [Go See]
Have YOU ever thought about being a bone marrow donor? Maybe you should...

If you like country music, you have got to go check out Norm's Active Jukebox ... He has mp-3's ever wer :)...

Since this site was started, I have added a few things [ and pages ] for example...
The 5 picture pages are mostly of my family & friends, but I'll be looking around for other stuff to put on them.
These are a couple of other pages I have added: New Words, Murphy's Rules of Combat.

Do you like The U.S. Marine Corps, Corvettes, Gateway Computers, Dragons or maybe Scotland ?
How about helping in the search for ET ? { SETI }
If so, the links will take you there and other great places. [ you passed some good one's, try the flag ]
Look around, the little hand will tell you where they are. { There are over 100 on this page }

I didn't make these pages either, but I like them...
The First is a site about the Future of Mankind by Dr. Michio Kaku
As long as we are thinking about the future, check out this site on Nano Technology from the Discovery Channel.
The next is called Virtual Search Engines. You should be able to find almost anything from here...
This is a page about my home town, Fenton, Michigan.
And the last one will tell you about what happened on Any Day in History.

Please help a child at Christmas by supporting your local Toys for Tots program.
Visit any U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Center, and/or use the link below for more information.

Oh, by the way, I really am a Gunnery Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps ( Retired )

The Gunny sends
Semper Fi

Have you seen any of these children?

~~ Please help find the Lost Children in your state ~~

Coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

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These are some of the people, places and things I like --- Go See --- "Surf's Up".

I will always Love You
Reba McEntire The MIDI Music Website
From the movie, The Bodyguard

Do you like the music? You can find a lot more here:
The MIDI Web Ring

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The Corvette Net
Corvette Surfing
Corvette\ \
Grand Sport Registry

Grand Sport Registry
Great Corvette Site
The Corvette Site
The Corvette Museum
The Corvette Museum
United Auto Workers Local

United Auto Workers Local # 659

# 659 Flint Michigan

You Can Find Lottery

Lottery Numbers

Information Here

Backyard Birds, Birdhouses and Feeders

Renegade's Graphics Collection Here's the link to Bruce Helmboldt's Birding Page at Tripod
Brother Bruce's other pages.
Infinite Fish Seamless Textures

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The Rail

This one is The People Mover

U.S. Marine Corps

USMC Home Page

Our Home Page

Marine Corps links

The Few

The Few, A Great Site

Ken's " Bird Farm "

USS Eisenhower

USS Eisenhower

Michigan's Vietnam

Michigan's Vietnam Monument

Papers on the Web

Web Papers

1,750 Papers

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots

Help a Child At Christmas

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This link will take you to The Flint Journal

Both of these tickers are the headlines, if you click on them you can read the article

This is the local ( Mid Michigan ) news

This is the rest of the story ( National & International )

A Wonderful world
Free Patriotic Music Website High Quality MIDI Archive
By Louis Armstrong

Operation Just Cause

Need a smile today, try one of these places

Cybercheeze Joke Page
The Joke Factory
The Joke Factory
Jokes 4 You
The Aussie

Part of my Philosophy on life is to Never Give Up

Do you know people that Drive like a MORON :)???

In case you had not noticed, I like Gifs and Icons.
Most of these ( But Not All ) came from the Icon Bazaar ( Take the Train )

This is the Train

Another GREAT Place to go is the Animation Factory

Animation Factory

The Dragon's Den

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This is a Link to the U.S. NAVY'S Nuclear clock.

This page has some times from around the world
There is also a Calendar, with Todays Date Highlighted in Red, along with Todays Weather.

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