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This USMC WebRing site is owned by Donald J. MacMillan.
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Dome Homes
Monolithic Domes
Alcor Life Extention Foundation
Alcor ( Cryonics )

C5 Vette C5 Vette This Corvette Webring site is owned by

Donald J. MacMillan

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Animation Factory
Great Animations
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Lucid Images
A Wizard for Gif's


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Memorial The Brothers Of Nam SiteRing

This site owned by
Gunny MacMillan
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SiteRing by Bravenet.com

Ace of Space Backgrounds
Lots of Backgrounds etc.
Java Sun Systems
Sun Systems
Infinite Fish
More Backgrounds etc.

BOB's EGA This Band of Brothers
Site Owned By Donald J. MacMillan.
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BOB Graphic

Promote Your Web Site
Register Your Site
A Listing of all the people on the 25th Infantry
Find a Wolfhound
Think your smart??? [Fun Test Site]
University Of Life

Gunny MacMillan is a member of the
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Chat Rooms

Gateway Computer Systems
Gateway Computers
The Webmaster's Reference Library
Web Reference Library
Screenthemes, Photo Quality Wallpaper
Photo Quality Wallpaper

These are Some of The RAIL Web Rings
If you click on them you will go to other sites.

The Rail
This is the Military Train
The Rail
This is The People Mover

Bear Mountain Lodge in Leavenworth, WA
Bear Mt Lodge
Washington State
Cool Text Graphics Generaror
Online Graphics Generator
Cheap Cigarettes from the Reservation to You
OTDirect Cigarettes

Honoring Deceased Veterans From Around The World
Take A Moment To Visit The Hall Of Honor - Click Image Below

Want to join the "International Hall of Honor Web Ring" ?
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The Michigan State University Band
GLC Trophies etc.
G.L.C. Trophies
Flint, Mich.
The Top 1000 in over 30 catagories
Top 1000 Sites

Doc's Front Door

Doc's Military Page

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Ask Jeeves search engine

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