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"You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do." -- Henry Ford

Have you got a Thyroid problem?
Do you have Graves Disease?
Do you have a loved one that does?
This is for someone very special to me that I do, that does.
These sites are helping us.
I hope they can help you too.

The MediBoard Network
Graves Disease Resource Page
National Institutes of Health

If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you always got.

Will you curse the Rose because it has thorns or thank the bush of thorns for having a Rose?

I believe in God and Miracles and You! Never give up!

Freedom is not Free!

~~~Click on the ribbon above to go to the Agent Orange "Quilt of Tears"~~~
~~~This is another great site about
Agent Orange~~~

This group of folks is doing an outstanding job of supporting the Troops deployed around the world.
With packages and letters from home etc. My Heart Supports The Troops

We all seem to get wrapped up in our day to day problems and just getting by.
Taking for granted all the normal things we think we deserve.
Not realizing the cost paid by a group of men and women some 6 decades ago so we can have the freedoms we enjoy.
Make no mistake about it, the folks who have fought since WWII and are even now fighting for freedom deserve our thanks.
But this group of hero’s is getting smaller each minute...
Before You Go is a wonderful tribute to The people who fought for Freedom in the Second World War

~~~ Please help find the Lost Children from your state ~~~

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I hope you enjoy your stay! Stop by whenever your in the neighborhood...The Java is always on.
By the way, if you need an attitude adjustment, think about this one Never Give Up

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You can replace a car or house, but you only have one body!
Think about YOUR HEALTH before it's too late.

Pay it Forward

Think it only happens to other people?
The next time you look in a mirror, remember that to everyone else you are other people!

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